Office Staff

Montana Family Acupuncture Office Staff

Our office staff Montana Family Acupuncture are critical to getting our job done and getting to go home at the end of the day. The tasks are varied and never ending.  We thank them for all of their hard work.
~ Brett and Kim Lewis

Yolanda Strickland – Front Desk Extraordinaire

(Yolanda joined our team at the end of 2017.)

Hello! My Name is Yolanda and I’m the new Front Desk girl here at Montana Family Acupuncture. Here’s a little bit about me so that we won’t be complete strangers when you come in.  I was born and raised here in beautiful Hamilton, Montana. It is very much home to me. When I’m not working here or elsewhere I enjoy traveling. As a family we’ve gotten to travel to some amazing places like Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico (where my family is from), and the Dominican Republic. I love different cultures; their food, music, art, dance, and languages. If I had to pick my favorite foods they would be Middle Eastern and Latin. Yum! I love to talk about history, cooking, gardening, etc. My passion is the Bible. I love studying it and for the past 5 years I’ve had the opportunity to teach it as part of a volunteer community education work! You can read about this Bible education program at Now you know a little bit about me. I look forward to getting a chance to meet all of you soon!


Improving the community's health and well-being in Hamilton, Montana.

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