Acupuncture and Diabetes

The rate of diabetes in America is alarming, 29 million Americans to be exact. The World Health Organization estimates that by 2030 the number of people with diabetes worldwide will double from the current 380 million people who currently suffer from the disease.
Living with a chronic illness like diabetes does not only affect someone’s physical health, but mental and emotional as well.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, diabetes represents a deficiency and dysfunction in the spleen and pancreatic system.
If the spleen/pancreatic system’s function declines, it cannot produce the insulin necessary to handle glucose in the bloodstream, which causes a variety of diabetic symptoms. Chinese medicine has had an understanding of diabetes for thousands of years. It is known as aiaoke, which means an emaciation-thirst, as diabetes can cause a person to lose weight and have extreme thirst. In ancient times, type 2 diabetes was found in the wealthiest people because of their diet that was high in fatty and sugary foods.
The TCM theory behind diabetes states that diabetes is a result of an imbalance of yin. Because of the imbalance, the body’s natural energy flow called qi becomes out of balance and blocked.
A report done in 1994 in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine looked at 60 patients with diabetes and found that 2/3rds of the patients in the group receiving acupuncture noticed an effect and improvement in their symptoms. The other group received a diabetes pill, and researchers concluded that although both had therapeutic effects, acupuncture was more effective in prevention including cardiovascular diseases.
Although a lot of Westerners don’t think of acupuncture as a treatment for chronic disease, specific acupuncture points on the body have been proven to be effective for diabetes.
Unlike prescription medication, acupuncture has almost no side effects and is completely natural. The treatment is painless, and along with treating your illness, acupuncture can leave you feeling relaxed and calm. If you or someone you know is suffering with diabetes, ask an acupuncturist how they can help you on the road back to better health.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Relief with Acupuncture

OCA study published in the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies in 2013 found that students were less likely to feel anxiety and OCD related symptoms after having a 20-minute acupuncture treatment. Researchers at Georgetown University found that acupuncture can reduce the body’s production of stress hormones, which then can lower symptoms of OCD or compulsive behavior that is caused from stress. Acupuncture offers almost no side effects compared to prescription medication and other forms of treatment for OCD and anxiety. If you or someone you know is suffering from OCD, contact us to learn more how acupuncture can get you on the road back to better health!

Acupuncture and Depression

depressionAccording to Reuters Health, a new study suggests that people suffering from depression can receive the same benefits from acupuncture that they would from counseling to help their depression. The study looked at 755 people with depression and found that one in three people who received acupuncture or counseling did not have depression after three months, whereas people who were not receiving either treatment had a lesser chance of eliminating their depression. Another study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that electroacupuncture was just as effective as the antidepressant Prozac in reducing depression symptoms. Acupuncture is a safe alternative to prescription medications such as antidepressants and just as effective, if not more. If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, ask us how acupuncture can help you back on the road to better health!

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3 Ways to Prepare For Seasonal Changes

As the transition from summer to fall begins, changes start to happen externally as well as internally. The days become shorter and the air gets cooler; our bodies change to adapt as well. Here are three ways to prepare for the fall season ahead along with the beginning of the yin cycle.

1) Let go of negativity

The autumn season represents the time when positivitythe lungs and large intestine are of the utmost importance. This season is especially an important time to let of negative energy in your life. Negativity doesn’t just affect your psychological health but your physical health as well. You can help get rid toxicity in your life by being aware of the causes and surrounding yourself with positive energy and people who make you happy.

2) Spend time outside

Because fall is focused on the lungs, spending more time outside canoutdoors help strengthen this organ and increase your immune system as cold and flu season starts to emerge. Spend time in nature away from city pollution where you can breathe clean, cool air. Autumn time is the perfect opportunity to do this and refresh and strengthen the lungs.

3) Try acupunctureacupuncture

Acupuncture treatment can help you physically as well as mentally
prepare for the change in seasons. Some find it difficult to let go of the summer season and transition to shorter, cooler days. Acupuncture can ease this transition and make sure your body and energy are flowing properly.

Can Acupuncture Effectively Treat Psoriasis?

Affecting approximately 125 million people – or about 2-3% of the global population – psoriasis is one of the most common autoimmune diseases in the world. It’s characterized by the chronic formation of skin lesions, red patches, papules and plaque. These formations may appear in localized areas of the body or throughout the entire body, depending on an individual’s condition.

psoriasisPsoriasis is known to trigger intense bouts of itching. The sensation can be so intense that it causes the individual to scratch infection-prone sores into his or her skin. Regardless of how bad it itches, you should never scratch your psoriasis, as it will only make the condition worse.

As with most autoimmune diseases and disorders, psoriasis is caused by an overactive immune system. The immune system is responsible for fending off potentially harmful viral and bacterial infections. It does this by producing key inflammatory hormones. Normally, it produces the right amount of these hormones, but there are times when it produces too much; resulting in conditions such as psoriasis.

The good news is that acupuncture may offer relief of psoriasis and its related symptoms. Acupuncture can have very positive effects on the immune system. When we are sick or dealing with chronic illness, our bodies are not able to function properly. This can be due to the body’s natural energy being restricted or blocked. Acupuncture works by treating the whole body and releasing any abnormalities through acupuncture points. By doing so, the body is able to function as it should and the immune system is strengthened because of this.

With psoriasis, the Spleen 10 xue hai acupuncture point is a popular choice because it targets the immune system.

One study found acupuncture to be effective at treating psoriasis, particularly when western medicine has been exhausted. “Our experience indicates that acupuncture is induced an effective therapeutic modality for psoriasis, particularly when the western medical management is unsuccessful. We speculated about the possible involvement of the cutaneous reticuloendothelial system in the clearance of the skin lesions,” wrote the study’s researchers.

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Yin Yang Theory

The Basic Philosophy of Yin and Yang

According to yin yang philosophy the universe, and everything in it, is both constant and cyclical. One force dominates and then it is replaced by the opposing force. This activity continues constantly and repeats itself over time. Examples illustrating the philosophy of yin yang include:

  • Life and death
  • Heaven and earth
  • Night and day
  • Dark and light
  • Health and sickness
  • Cycle of the seasons – Cold to hot


The Comparative Sides of Yin Yang Theory

Yin                                                     Yang

  • Shady side of a hill                                          •  Sunny side of a hill
  • Earth                                                                      •  Heaven
  • Cold                                                                        •  Heat
  • Moon                                                                     •  Sun
  • Receptive                                                            •  Active
  • Solid                                                                       •  Hollow
  • Feminine                                                             • Masculine
  • Magnetic                                                             •  Dynamic
  • Downward                                                         •  Upward
  • Night                                                                     •  Day
  • Dark                                                                      •  Bright

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