Diabetes-Friendly Foods

Symptoms: fatigue, lassitude, abdominal
bloating, loose stool, a pale tongue with
white coating, and a fine weak pulse
Recipe: Rice porridge with common
yam and lotus seed – Boil a suitable
amount of rice, yam and lotus seeds until
all are very soft. The final consistency
should be of a thick soup

walnut and bean porridge
Symptoms: fatigue, weakness, soreness
in low back and knees, feverish sensation
on the palms and soles, a cold sensation
on the backs of the palms and soles, a
pale tongue, and a deep fine pulse
Recipe: Walnut and black bean
porridge – Wash 50g black bean and 100g
millet. Cook it with 30g walnuts and water
until the consistency is thick and all the
ingredients are cooked well

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